Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve Creme De La Creme

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Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve Creme De La Creme Review

What’s the one thing most of us need in the morning? Usually coffee of course. But what happens when you’re in a rush? Simple, grab your mod and hit Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve Creme De La Creme. It’s a debonair handcrafted blend of hazelnut cream with touch of Arabica coffee. Creme De La Crme is carefully created by the mastermind Phillip Rocke, then aged and steeped in brandy barrels for 2 months, before bottling the ejuice. The flavor is unbelievably smooth, gliding along the throat without any harshness whatsoever.

When you inhale, the bold and rich coffee flavor washes across the mouth and satisfies your cravings immediately. The coffee flavor becomes slightly nutty as it sits on the tongue. On the exhale, hazelnut cream adds a luxurious kick to this magical vaping experience.

Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve Creme De La Creme vape juice arrives in a 60ml dropper bottle. The 80/20 vg/pg ratio will allow for big and thick vape clouds.

The combination of signature hazelnut cream with Arabica coffee delivers one of the smoothest vaping experiences from beginning to end with Creme De La Creme eliquid.

Creme De La Creme e liquid from Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve comes in a 60ml dropper bottle with a tremendous cloud chasing base that will get your day started off right.

Wake up and feel vaping great with this e liquid today.

Grand Reserve Crme De La Crme by Phillip Rocke includes:

60ml version

  • 1 x 60ml dropper bottle of Creme De La Creme by Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve

30ml version

  • 1 x 30ml Dropper Bottle
  • 1 x Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve Velvet Bag

VG/PG: 80/20
Flavor Profile:Hazelnut, Coffee, Cream